Stewards in Investment

Building value, proficiency and trust

Founded by visionary developer Herbert “H.T.” Hayashi, HTH Asset Management LLC is a privately held company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. For more than 50 years, its real estate portfolio has grown under two generations of family leadership.

Leading by example

As stewards of our communities, properties and investments, we will always lead with integrity and accountability.

Instilling family values

We are resilient, open-minded and resourceful. We always seek to create new and better opportunities for our stakeholders, who we consider part of our family.

Our Approach

Cultivating opportunity for a sustainable future

With an entrepreneurial spirit and value-added mindset, we look to strategically invest in diverse real estate while maintaining a resonate understanding of the areas in which we operate.

We collaborate as a resilient and reliable partner, operating with a sense of stewardship to build proficiency, trust and a sustainable future.

Our Story

A visionary mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit

Growing up on Oahu’s Ewa Mills Camp sugar plantation, H.T. Hayashi rose from humble beginnings to become a self-made entrepreneur. His deep understanding and respect for hard work and authenticity resulted in a company where everyone was valued and given an opportunity, irrespective of their position.

Work with us

We value our team and the work we do, collaborating with partners across diverse industries. Please contact us to learn more.