Our Values

Values & Guiding Principles

Our values reflect the vision we have for our company, our partnerships and the properties we manage.


We respect all of our stakeholders. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we encourage our stakeholders to let us know their ideas and concerns.


We operate with integrity and accountability, valuing our partnerships, properties and communities. We are careful about our investments. Our intent is to be a proficient steward of any property we own no matter how long. We aim to add value to our properties through stewardship.


We aim for a high degree of diligence, industriousness, and conscientiousness in all of our work.


We collaborate openly and honestly with respect to everyone involved. Transparency is important to us.


We are open-minded and resourceful, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to create opportunity. Our founder was a second-generation immigrant. One of his most important values was resilience. One of his favorite quotes was “Bamboo is small and slender compared to a large, sturdy oak tree. However, it is the bamboo that bends in the storm and survives than the oak which resists and topples over.”